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Leafy Stardust; A Journey Into A Puddle of Infinite Possibilities

by Javier Robledo

Strolling past King’s Cross during a sunny mid-afternoon in London, it simply took a fallen leaf floating pass an urban puddle to remind me about the vastness and greatness of the universe we temporarily ride in. About how spectacularly mind-blowing it is to toy with the idea that we may be nothing else but a spark of consciousness both constrained and enhanced by our unique space-time appearance into a rotating core-burning speeding blue and green rock. What I witnessed that day was a far-away glaring giant sphere of plasma gently reflecting in a darkened puddle along my path, arrogantly and effortlessly mirroring itself and instantly creating a universe within a universe; where if patient, you could spot a galaxy leaf fueled by endless sparks of life cruising into the the unknown, unafraid and full of hope.

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