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Cows, Clouds and a Farmer called Rodney

by Emma Darlow

On a day off from a particularly manic stage of rehearsals for a Eugene O’Neill play at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre I forged off on my own in the Peak District for a long walk. I am always struck by the friendliness of Sheffield and the open spirit of the people who live there. Couple that with the sheer, rugged beauty of the Peaks and you cannot fail to be filled with hope. This picture was taken near the village of Eyam, just before I met an old farmer called Rodney, who talked to me with infectious enthusiasm about his cows and their new calves. A couple of hours later and a few miles away, I catch the bus to go home and who is coming off as I get on, but Rodney. We said a happy hello and I felt the warmth that a joyful interaction with a stranger can bring. Small things in a sometimes weary world can make all the difference.

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