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All Together Now

by Victoria Stewart

Imagine if all of us took a minute every single day to think about all the people we know and love, or to find some music and dance to it with other humans, we’d probably all be a lot better off… I came across this graffiti on the last day of my holiday in Ireland earlier this year. A few minutes before I had been stamping through Cork, angry about the fact that a) I’d mislaid my passport a few hours earlier and might not be able to get home that evening and b) sad at having realised the guy I was dating was totally unreliable. When I walked past this on the other side of the road, it caused me to pause, smile, remind myself that there are far bigger worries going on in the world and trust that everything would work out (incidentally I found my passport and did get home and my dating life has significantly improved since then!).

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