A community photo project designed to help restore our faith in the world, inspire hope for the future and raise awareness of mental health issues

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Achin’ to Be

by Chris

Day 105, 3 and one half months, or exactly 15 weeks to the day. To say that’s how long I’ve been on this journey would be so ridiculously inaccurate, but that is how long I’ve been on that particular journey. My whole life I’ve been overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, and self hatred all based around who I am. I started my journey to recovery April 2017 when I finally told told a close friend who I was and every day since has brought new battles with old anxieties and fears. But with every victory I have eked out I have gained the courage and self acceptance I need to take the next wild, crazy, and utterly improbable leap on this journey. So this picture is my fear, my confusion, my self hatred, my anxiety and this is my longing, my desperate cry to the world, and this is my hope… This is my transition.

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